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Through Na’eem’s 50 years of diverse service experience in the capacity of a project leader, teacher, organizer, facilitator and community planner, he provides a valuable asset to the growth of R-Evolution.  He has an innate ability to engage with people of all walks of life, and develops a spirit of trust and understanding among those he works with.

Na’eem’s work experience primarily comes from working in the public sector, which has highlighted his most outstanding qualities.   As an Outreach Coordinator with Planned Parenthood Oakland, he co-developed several interacting programs designed for young men ages 13-24, with the emphasis on health education, accountability, and responsibility. He also served in the capacity of a mentor to these young men and facilitated workshops.

His experience working with adolescents and young adults influenced his sojourn with the Berkeley and Oakland School districts which sharpened his interrelationship skills, and reinforced the importance of establishing relationships to develop the trust needed to guide and teach.

Na’eem ventured back into the health arena as a Health Planner for Health Systems Agency (HAS) of Alameda County, where he was instrumental in recruiting community health professionals to participate on an advisory board, for the development of a five-year health plan for Alameda and Contra Costa County. In addition to his advisory duties, he was also a staff supervisor. 

Na’eem retired from Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in 2016 after 30 years of service. His most memorable experience during his time with BART was going to Egypt to train Egyptian students on how to operate their train system.  It reinforced his skills in the importance of developing trusting relationships when engaging with people.  

Board Member

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