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Darnisha's experience with the SF Housing authority defined her well.  As a member of the resident initiatives team, she was able to work with many low income residents to build resident organizations, supplying them with offices, equipment and small operating budgets.  As a member of the grant writing team she was able to capture the input of residents in determining the support services needed to guarantee a successful experience in relocation, during construction, and assuring a possibility of return.


During the 1990’s, Darnisha was part of a small team of grant writers responsible for  millions of dollars in federal funding to demolish and rebuild much of the most distressed public housing in San Francisco.  She did so with great respect and honesty, representing the city and residents on the national level as both a staff person and public housing resident.


As a construction project manager, facility manager and executive assistant for the City of SF Department of Emergency Communications, Darnisha facilitated the development of the department logo. She was crucial in the hiring and training of the first staff and completed the final phase of the new Emergency Communications Department, now know as the Department of Emergency Management, located  on Turk St.  She represented the department at Mayor Willie Brown’s quarterly project manager meetings, reporting to the Mayor directly. 


Darnisha brings to R-Evolution the attributes of facilitating interactions between diverse communities of people, organizing information in an efficient way. She is committed, hard working, brings a good sense of humor and loves people.


Board Member

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