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In 2021, R-Evolution Dialogues in the Diaspora explored the beautiful country of Rwanda. We learned, we felt and we joined in the hope of a resilient peope.

Kigali, Rwanda - June 2021

After traveling to Ghana and visiting the dungeons and connecting with Ghanaians, we realized that healing and reconnection is necessary to our evolution as a people of the African Diaspora and for humanity as a whole.

We heard about the beauty of Rwanda and decided to check it out for ourselves…
We went to Rwanda and heard the stories of people who had emerged from the unimaginable and are now living in a country that is thriving and unified. 

We asked ourselves, how is this possible? 

When looking at the history of our own county, the genocides, enslavement, violence, brutality, trauma and innumerable harms, there is clearly a healing that needs to take place... but how does healing happen in one’s family, neighborhoods and community?  

How do we manage the things that divide us and keep us separated?... How do we heal as a people? How do we recover?


Our inspiration...
We decided to go...

and journey the lush lands and breathtaking vistas of Rwanda in the land of East Africa. We were welcomed by the warmth of our guide, Francoise, from GEI (Global Engagement Institute) and prepared for our adventure... 

Our journey begins...

with a visit to the rural town of Nyamirambo, where we experienced a guided walking tour of the colorful working class town and the entreprenuerial Women's Center. We concluded the inspiring day with a generously prepared home lunch. 

Honoring the lives

of those taken by the genocide, we visited two powerful and moving  memorials. Our first , Kigali Memorial Center, the country's most prominent genocide memorial and then Nyamata to visit the genocide memorial church.