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African Diaspora Solidarity


What's it about?

The African Diaspora Solidarity Fellowship provides an opportunity to work with diasporan organizations aimed at   supporting the unification of the African Diaspora and the amerlioration of African peoples through collective work, education and cooperative economics. Fellows will connect  individuals to international communities of color who have recovered from trauma and are demonstrating resilience through traditional, indigenous and innovative practices.  Our fellowship program is geared towards individuals interested in healing communities of color through transformative conversations around reconciliation, forgiveness and peace building.


Who's it for?

Individuals, groups, staff, mental health and trauma workers, community healers, people interested or working in mental health, restorative justice, community reintegration from incarceration and those working to end violence in community or families. By interacting directly with mental health and community support workers and organizations, on location, Fellows will learn how wellness and recovery is supported in various global communities. Fellows will also learn restorative practice tools through RePAIR (Restoring Personal/Professional Accountability in Relationships).

How does it work?

Fellows will travel to countries like Rwanda and South Africa to learn through cultural immersion and work in community. As part of this program, Fellows will become a part of a global network of healing professionals and community support workers. They will learn and share how others have healed themselves, their communities and countries through mental health programs, restorative justice and peace building efforts. As part of this global network, they can collectively work to heal the global impacts of trauma through education, conversation and implementation of restorative practices throughout communities of color and beyond.

Why is this important?
Creating opportunities for individuals to learn, reconnect and heal through a mental, emotional and cultural lens can 
lead to a future where the adverse impacts of trauma, originating from racism, cultural appropriation and genocide are acknowledged, repaired and healed.

Where are we now?
Our Fellowship program is in its incubation stage and is exploring multiple funding opportunities. Our goal is to activate the Global Resilience and Healing Fellowship in 2024.


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