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“As a family, we traveled to Cuba and had a life-changing experience. When we came back, we knew we wanted to gather people of the Diaspora to explore culture and identity…”
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Launching R-Evolution | 
Dialogues in the Diaspora 

Cal State East Bay program helps local startup build out social media plan

When partners Cardum Harmon Penn and Marcus Adéshima Penn traveled to Cuba earlier this year, a sense of wonder awakened in them. Standing with Harmon’s son in front of political revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s mausoleum in the colonial Cuban town of Santa Clara, Harmon and Penn felt inspired to do something life-changing. Their long journey to this foreign country made them realize traveling is more than just taking a vacation. Traveling, they said, can be about culture, relationship-building and learning.

Soon after returning to the Bay Area and feeling enthusiastic to create something positive, Harmon and Penn founded R-Evolution|Dialogues in the Diaspora, a startup dedicated to providing a transformative travel experience for African diaspora descendants who wish to connect with their heritage. The startup’s mission is to deliver international trips to individuals and families in order to encourage an interest in history and ancestry, build community bonding and inspire spiritual awakening.

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Santa Clara, Cuba, February 2019

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