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In 2019, R-Evolution Dialogues in the Diaspora brought 30 Africans of the Diaspora back to their ancestral continent. During this Year of Return pilgrimage, we shared our hopes, dreams and awakenings with each other and our new Ghanaian brothers and sisters.
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Accra, Ghana - December 2019


We met every month to prepare ourselves for this once in a life time journey. We knew we would be travelling with our fellow Africans of the Diaspora.

What does it mean to go back home, to the Motherland? Some of us had done our ancestry research and found out our dna was from Ghana and near by countries like Sierra Leone, the Gambia and Nigeria.

What will it feel like to go through the door of return?


The Invitation...
We prepared ourselves...

invoking the Kwanzaa principles to guide our journey of solidarity:

  • Unity

  • Self-determination

  • Collective Work and Responsibility

  • Cooperative Economics

  • Purpose

  • Creativity

  • Faith

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Oakland, CA - March 2019

We arrived...

together in a flurry of anticipation. We were met with joy and excitement by Ghanaian dancers and druming. Then we were transported by our exceptional tour guide, Nana, to several comfortable places of lodging from Accra to Elmina. One Africa provided us with airy and festive accommodations, food and beautiful walks on the beach...

Our journey...

began the next morning with a trip to Black Star Square, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, as well as the W.E.B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture. Here we witnessed the history of Ghana's liberation from colonial rule and the historic return of African diasporan's collaboration with African leaders. 

Exploring the land and people...

from trekking through Kakum National Park, a boat ride to Nzulezu, the Village on Stilts, a visit to the only Adinkra village , the Kente village and a procession of the Asante' King, we we're blessed by a full and joyful experiences...

Honoring our ancestors...

we travelled to the river where our ancestors were "prepared" for the Middle Passage and the dungeons where they were enslaved. We prayed, we cried and we healed...