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In 2019, R-Evolution brought 30 Africans of the Diaspora back to their ancestral continent. During this Year of Return pilgrimage, we shared our hopes, dreams and awakenings with each other and our new Ghanaian brothers and sisters. Along the way we were blessed by many artisans, activists and leaders.

Mohammed was one of those brothers we connected with who inspired us by his entrepreneurial spirit and access to quality Ghanaian clothing, accessories and art. His sharp eye guided us to unique finds that we will cherish forever. 


Since the global impact of COVID-19, drastic cuts in tourism, lock downs and physical distancing has made access to basic necessities, like food, hard for people in rural areas whose livelihood depends on selling in local open markets. These drastic changes have impacted Mohammed, his family and his community. So we are partnering with Mohammed through a social enterprise venture, Diaspora Atelier, to provide access to a global market. Through our combined efforts, we are working with Ghanaian fabric makers, mask makers and vendors like Mohammed to create positive impact in local and global communities.

Mohammed Ofosu: Accra, Ghana

Diaspora Atelier brand embraces the cultural principles:

  • Unity

  • Self-determination

  • Collective Work and Responsibility

  • Cooperative Economics

  • Purpose

  • Creativity

  • Faith

Over 35% of all proceeds go back to African artisans like Mohammed. Through fair trade practices and cooperative economics, the products we buy and sell are supporting the livelihoods of others and making a conscious choice for a more connected and caring world.

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