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African Diaspora Solidarity


What's it about?

The African Diaspora Solidarity Fellowship provides an opportunity to work with individuals and organizations throughout the Diaspora aimed at supporting the unification of the African Diaspora and the amelioration of African peoples of the Diaspora through collective work, education and cooperative economics. Fellows will work with continental and historical Africans who are doing the work of unifying the Diaspora and have experienced successful independence from colonial rule and self-governance. 


Who's it for?

Individuals, groups, staff, mental health and trauma workers, community healers, people interested or working in African Diasporan solidarity, restorative justice, community reintegration from incarceration and those working to end violence in communities or families. By interacting directly with nonprofits focused on connecting the Diaspora and teaching healing indigenous practices, on location, Fellows will be empowered to teach and bring healing to their respective communities.

How does it work?

The African Diaspora Solidarity Fellowship Ghanaian cultural immersion experience would address the work of undoing negative socialization, understanding systems of power and oppression and culturally rooted healing. This culturally enriching experience would teach Fellows about the effects of systemic power and oppression through a historical lens, as a result of colonial rule, in particular as it relates to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and colonized education systems within pre-liberated Ghana. Fellows will learn about Ghanaian pre-colonial history and how this knowledge was instrumental in the revitalization of their now liberated county. They will also learn how Ghanaian leadership efforts were successful in addressing adverse effects on Ghanaian culture, economic infrastructure and institutional governance. Fellows will explore  Pan-African restoration efforts geared towards identifying the intersectionality of the American Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement and Ghana's movement towards self-governance and liberation, as championed by Kwame Nkrumah and others. 


They will intern with a Ghanaian nonprofit to learn about the governance of the African Union and how efforts are being made to unite Diaspora and continental Africans. Fellows will connect with artists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and influencers to explore their framework of liberation theory. 

Why is this important?
Supported by this cultural immersion experience, fellows will be provided with a sense of self, connection to a larger self-determined community and the lived experience of what identifying as an empowered survivor of centuries of ancestral harm looks and feels like in order to liberate and empower one another. Through these opportunities, R-evolution believes that the global impacts of racism through education, conversation and exploration of restorative practices throughout the African Diaspora can begin to repair and heal.


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