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Bre Williams is a passionate advocate for mental health and social justice with over 12 years of experience creating and delivering culturally relevant mental health and wellness services in Alameda County and beyond. 


She provides empowering perspectives on lived mental health experiences in the Black community, creates access to culturally relevant services for the community, and delivers impactful speeches and workshops connecting communities back to their power and purpose in her role as a Mental Health Program Manager.


As a creator and advocate for mental health and social justice, Bre Williams developed two programs for youth in Alameda County, PEERS' TAY Program and HHREC's Downtown TAY, engaging youth and young adults to be active leaders in their wellness journey while giving them tools and resources to transition into adulthood with support.


Today, her work is heavily focused holistic health information, education, and transformation for Black Women, under Be Well Coaching. Bre is excited to bring resources, determination, program development, project planning, budgeting, and overall passion and integrity for the mission of R-Evolution, and happy to serve! 

Board Secretary

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